Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Difference between a Kaafir Asli and a Kaafir Murtadd

People often confuse the difference between kafir asli (originally kafir) and kafir murtad (apostate) who was a Muslim but he negated his belief. Let us classify the types of Kafir below:

ألاستاذ اسحاق عبد الرحمن العلوي

1. Kafir Asli - originally kafir

An example of kuffar asli are the: Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Jews or atheists i.e. a disbeliever in Islam. So they could believe in God but not in The Messenger Muhammad (saw).

There are three types of Kafir Asli:

(a) Mushriks - from the people of the book i.e. Jews & Christians

(b) Mushriks - who are not people of the book, e.g. Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Zoroastrians etc.

(c) Atheists - such as those who believe in science, self-worshippers, women-worshippers, money-worshippers etc.

Therefore the Kafir is: ‘The one who does not believe in Islam and the Prophet Muhammad (saw).’

2. Kafir Murtad (apostate)

The kafir Murtad a person who was a Muslim once but committed one or more of the actions below:

(a) Al-Juhoud - To deny any obligation known by necessity

If a person denies any action that is known from Islam by necessity, such as to deny fasting, Hajj, prayer, Shari’ah, Jihad he will become Jaahid (the denier), who indulges in Juhoud.

(b) Al-Istihlaal - To permit what Allah (swt) forbids or forbids what Allah permits

Istihlaal is to permit what Allah forbids or vice versa. An example of this is the one who permits fornication or forbids. The one who commits Istihlaal is called Al-Mustahil (legislator).

(c) Al-Naaqid - Negations of the Deen

There are ten negations of the Deen (Nawaaqid ul Islam) and if a person violates any one of them he will become murtad.

(to be elaborated later on)

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