Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Is shahrukh khan richest bollywood actor?

Of course, he is. His wealth is calculated in billions. He charges US$ 2 millions for an endorsement and he does around 14 to 18 endorsement in a year which makes his endorsement income around US$ 32 millions in average. He does 1 to 3 movies in a year for which he earns around US$ 3 to 5 millions. In a year, he earns around US$8 for performing in weddings and hosting tv shows. His home production Red Chillies Entertainment owns the Kolkata Knight Riders cricket team which is the most valuable franchise brand of IPL net worth US$42.1million and it has made a profit of US$ 2.5 in a year. RCE has also produced hit movies like Main Hoon Na, Chalte Chalte, Om Shanti Om whose profits are estimated around US$50 to 60 millions. RCE has other source of income estimated around US$20 to 30 millions a year. RCE earns around US$60 yo 70 millions and shahrukh himself earns around US$40-50 millions in a year. This makes shahrukh khan not only the richest star of bollywood heading far away from other bollywood actors, but also one of the richest actor of the world with an income of around US$ 85 to 105 millions and his net worth of US$1 to 3 billions(INRs 47 to 141 billions).

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