Wednesday, October 5, 2011


BN Fear of losing the coming PRU 13 Election

Written by: Dr. John Brian Anthony

Some friends asked me why the Government twist and turn their facts and try as much as possible to minimize of BERSIH. I am not an expert on matters relating to BERSIH but I would like to share my take on BN action on BERSIH.

BN has a great fear for BERSIH.

BN understood the impact of BERSIH when the voters begin to realize that BN win most of their election by manipulation despite Pakatan Rakyat winning 5 States. Without the lection process cheat, Pakatan Rakyat might even have won with greater majority in the States they won.

It became clear today when Najib accused Anwar of doing anything in order to win the coming election because this might be his last chance. i would say the same of Najib. The PM has not won any general election for BN yet as he was riding on the result from Abdullah Bidawi. Najib key task was to win back the 5 States and increase BN majority. It now seems difficult for Najib to gain bigger majority in the coming election but also the risk of Najib losing the coming PRU 13 is much greater then before.

So BERSIH is a big threat to Najib leadership. Many people forgot that Najib was a Defense Minister for a very long time. By being the Defense Minister Najib was and is always surrounded by Army Top Brass and strategist. These Army strategist are Najib key planners to sabotage Pakatan Raykat advance towards Putra Jaya. Most of the Generals today were promoted under Najib and their loyalty goes to Najib. Again if you compare the Army capability and capacity with the Police, the Army are light years ahead on strategies and resources.

We are NOW seeing loyal Army Officers at work in mapping out Najib’s strategies. The Police are the foot soldiers who carry out the dirty work of crowd control.


BERSIH 2 is much bigger then BERSIH 1. It is much better organized and the protestors are much better discipline and focus on their objective. BERSIH 2 got so much publicity and also demonstration are being held in other foreign capitals of the world. Despite issuing so many warnings by the police asking the public not to attend the demonstration the crowd turn out was much bigger. Many political names, scholars, thinkers also participated and not forgetting that all races and even Sarawak was well represented.

BN Government try to twist the facts by saying not many come to attend the demonstration etc. The PATRIOT was so small in numbers making it almost in significant. PERKASA play HERO eventhough they display 100% coward behavior by staying home.

BN play dangerous politics

The worst type of politics was played by BN Government. Some BN component parties say that if Pakatan Rakyat win the coming election CHRISTIANITY will push Malaysia towards a Christian country. This cannot be done and those who say such things are playing dangerous politics. We have our Federal constitution, we have the Agong and the Malay Sultans to safe guard the position of Islam and so BN is playing religious politics.

BN even put Communism into the equation. BN says Communism will emerge in Malaysia. These religion and communism crabs of BN clearly shows that BN is without proper reasoning and logic to try to hold on to power.

Home Minister Kris-Hisham even ban T-shirt and declare it illegal. People wearing the T shirt are arrested even before a crime is committed. Law experts agreed that there is no provision to allow a minister to ban wearing of T-shirt etc in the constitution. But in Malaysia Boleh – land is is a sad and regretful happening. In the same manner corruption through abuse of power is perpetuated

Impact of BERSIH 2

I would expect the impact of BERSIH 2 as profound in the mind of the new young voters. As for the fence sitters they can compare their observation between LIES and DECEIT cook up by BN government and the straight forwardness of BERSIH demand. The BN Government could not handle the situation except by threat and show of force. this is not new as in every election the BN is using the same tactics.

BN cannot change and it time the voters will change them.

Malaysian who would not have any idea about BERSIH is now clear of the objective of BERSIH. The election process has been design to give a big advantage to BN. The election commission is in cohort with BN because these public servant have however need to take a “cari makan” approach.

The police thought that they have done a good job and clearly some young policemen took advantage of their authority to be brutal with fellow Malaysian. But if the demonstrators really has the objective of fighting and hurting the police, the police would have a 50-50 chance of being able to control the crowd. The crowd were peaceful but some young policemen are looking for personal street fight. It does not hold well towards the police principle of PROFESSIONALISM.


BERSIH won many voters for Pakatan Rakyat. I expect BN to launch an intensive media attack on BERSIH and PR leaders to reduce the damage done to BN chance of winning the coming election.

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